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        Dongguan yijia electronics communication technology co.,ltd was established in 2007,we are the  professional manufacturer of all types of Antenna , integrating development,production together.

                                 We have continuously tried to improve product quality, introducing vector network analyzers ,spectrum analyzers ,multi-function microwave anechoic                                                      chambers, and other equiqments. Currently, Dongguan YIJIA is already exported to America, Canada ,Japan and other countries and regions. Our company has always                            focused on research, development and innovation, and we attained ISO9001 certification .
                                 We follow our client for whole program process . In each process , we give professional suggestions and design scheme with the best Performance Index to every single guest .


        Dongguan YiJia Electronics Communication Technology Co., LTD 2007-2016All rights reserved

        Tel:0769-82586086   Fax:0769-82586086   Address:No.59,MuYu Road,ShaTou Community,ChangAn Town,Dongguan City,GuangDong