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        Company History

        Company History Position:主页 > English > About > Company History >

         In October 2010, The Factory of Guo Xu Electronics communication Co.,Ltd was set up in Dong Guan City, GuangGong

        In October 2011,  The First  R&D Center of Guo Xu Electronics Communication Co.,Ltd was estabilshed in Shen Zhen City, Guang Dong

        In December 2012,  The Second R&D Center of Guo Xu Electronics Communication Co.,Ltd was established in Fu Zhou City, Fu Jian

        In July 2013,  The Factory expanded new Production base 

        In May 2015,  The Shen Zhen R&D Center expanded new business Introducing the SATIMO StarMIMO 24 prode Dark Room

        In 1th Feb. 2017,  Our Comany changed the name to Dongguan Yi Jia Electronics Communication Technology Co.,Ltd

        Dongguan YiJia Electronics Communication Technology Co., LTD 2007-2016All rights reserved

        Tel:0769-82586086   Fax:0769-82586086   Address:No.59,MuYu Road,ShaTou Community,ChangAn Town,Dongguan City,GuangDong