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             Dongguan YiJia Electronics Communication Technology Co.,Ltd.. since its establishment in 2007 has focused antenna product research and design, with 30 R & D team, industry accumulated precipitation experience. Our focus on FM, DVB, GSM, W-CDMA, 3G, 4G, WLAN, Bluetooth, Wimax, 5G and other antenna development, has formed the band 433MHZ to 6GHz. As many as hundreds of antennas. The products are widely used in intelligent PDA, intelligent Home Furnishing, wireless POS, wireless router, wireless meter reading MID DVB, digital television, wireless camera, smart grid, vehicle antenna, wireless control and monitoring, networking field, wireless data transmission, satellite positioning, wireless radio and television and wireless domain, antenna range. After more than 8 years of accumulation and innovation and development, the domestic market covers East Southern China region and abroad North American European market, the quality of the products by the broad masses of customers. The company has fully automated assembly line oscillator, Taiwan Import vector network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, the third order intermodulation test instrument, microwave anechoic chamber, antenna simulation test field equipment and hardware facilities complete.

            Communication debugging. Product quality control company believed in the "sincere, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative" enterprise culture, the implementation of the "choose to stay, either," the concept of talent, the formation of the pre-sale and after-sales service, R & D and manufacturing, product management team elite. Strict "incoming inspection, process inspection, finished product OQC" whole process control. The products according to customers to sample and specification strictly enforced, but also according to customer specific product design features, the company uphold integrity values to technology as the core competitiveness of products the market reaction speed, the new product development cycle is short, product quality and sales team service market consciousness is strong. Welcome the broad masses of customers to negotiate business.


        Engineering Design 
        Expertising, experience and innovative technology, our R&D abilities always meet customers' requirement.High levels of engineering equipments enable to provide you within the perfect results.2.jpg


        From the initial design to the prototype production, our independent  sample house is able to provide you the most reliable prototype quickly.



        In our modern and automation product shop, all the key parts and finished products are produced in house to ensure both the best quality & efficiency


        Full range of the test equipments & the latest test method will assure the quality and reliability of the products


        Quality Assurance 
        We strive to achieve the excellence to implement strict quality and environmental management,according to ISO9001:2008 and 14001 through out the production process


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        Tel:0769-82586086   Fax:0769-82586086   Address:No.59,MuYu Road,ShaTou Community,ChangAn Town,Dongguan City,GuangDong